I'm starting to throw together some parts I've had lying around for years and I want to have everything thought out prior to starting.

My question is about mounting pick-ups. How can I hard mount them like EVH? Do I just literally screw them to the body? What about something underneath? What about height adjustment? Is there a tutorial someone knows of that explains all the possibilities in mounting pick-ups?

put springs between the pickup and the body and put the screws through them, it's sorta the way a strart pick guard works
I "hardmount" (I think thats the term) all my pickups on all the guitars I work on,
its pretty simple actually...

Get some sort of a guide to mark where you need to screw the pickup into the body,
get something sharp, or a real small drill bit, and make a guide for the screw from the pickup to go in (if youre using something sharp, hammer LIGHTLY the guide into the guitar, creating a hole for the screw to go into, with a drill bit do the same minus the hammering). Be sure not to go too deep, and make sure the hole isnt to big for the mounting screws to fit into, if you make it too big, youre f@cked. If you need height adjustment, put the screws below the pickup mounting screw so it pushes the pickup upwards.
If your screw fits right into the pickup holes (so the pickup doesnt fall freely) you have to eyeball how high the screw is, and how far it needs to go into the body.

Not sure if thats a universally agreed way to do that, considering I do things my way due to lack of funds/resources, but thats how I do it.
If you want to mount them like EVH, then take off the pickup guard...they arent screwed onto the top of the body
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Put some foam underneath the pickup when you screw it down. It'll push back against the pickup so you can adjust the height, and if you dont you'll get a lot of noise, just tapping on the body will make an audible noise (much more than is usually heard) because the pickups are in direct contact with the body.
Thanks for the great responses. Yeah, I hear you Hobo, I think I'm gonna shoot for a mash up of your technic and my man lilphil's suggestion.

@ DI-Ectomy, have any illastrations or a link that better explains that? Sounds confusing.

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If you want to mount them like EVH, then take off the pickup guard...they arent screwed onto the top of the body

No pick guard here mate, just 100% pure wood