Random example, playing an 'A' chord as 077600

I know it's technical name would probably be A..add..9? maybe an 11.. /E (so Aadd9/E) but is there an easier way to implicate that you're using those kinds of chords throughout something?

I ask because there's a few tabs I have on here that use those, like my DT- Silent Man tab.. And I'm notating the chords as Aadd9/E, F#m11/E etc.. but it takes a lot of space. is there a general "Term" for this by chance? so I could maybe indicate such things at the beginning of the tab?
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Thats the only way to write them as far as I know
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That's a shame.. I should make a term for them XD call'm... like.. "Open E Chords" or something.. I'll wait though, n see if anyone has good news
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Many times people don't really even think of those chords as anything tricky but more as chords that are inherent to guitar.

And, many people think of A, Aadd9, Asus9, Asus in general as nothing but A chords. But of course they do have proper names. You just need to know your chord formulas.
Yeah and I understand that.

v--that's the "add9" as that B is a 9th above the tonic (kinda)
077600 = E E A C# B E
^-that's the "/E" suffix noting the bass note NOT being tonic

stacked, you'd think it'd be spelled on staff paper (for analysis) A C# E B in a theory assignment.. but here, it's simply functioning as an oddly built IV6/4 (since generally, I see/use this A in songs that are in E major)

I understand it, i just wanted to know if that general formation of leaving the outer strings open had a proper term. it'd be nicer to indicate at the start of a tab that certain chords use "blah blah formation" rather than constantly noting them as Aadd9/E, Badd11/E, F#m11/E... ya know?
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Technically it's just a different voicing of Aadd9. There's no other name for it as far as I know.

By "it" I don't mean the chord I mean the technique of moving an open chord's fretted notes up to get another chord.
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I would just call it Aadd9. You don't need to write all of your chords as X/E. Just write E pedal throughout.