I have some questions regarding the amp.

Is it a modelling amp or not?
and how does it take pedals?

any other comments about experience with the amp are welcome

am I better off with the hughes & kettner blue?

I basically want an amp with an fx loop for bedroom practice and jam sessions with drummer

I'm planning on using it with my boss gt-3 and musket fuzz

thanks in advance
Quote by ComradSputnik

Is it a modelling amp or not?

Well, it can be considered as one since it emulates different amp models. But, unlike other modelling amps (line 6 Spider, Peavy vypyr etc.) it uses an analog circuity to emulate those models, instead of DSP circuity, therefore it should take pedals well. I never had experience with it, but I've had good experiences with other Tech 21 products.
I own a Trademark 60.

No, not a modeling amp. However, it can be dialed in to closely resemble basic Vox, Fender, Marshall and Mesa-like tones. The cleans are definitely my favorite part of this amp. Nice and chimey. It also takes pedals like a champ.
It is an analog modeling amp with 3 amp sims, 3 speaker types, and 3 mic placement sims.
Considered one of the best solid state amps.
MESA 412


The Trademark 60 does not contain 3 amp models, 3 mic sims, nor 3 speaker sims. That's the Trademark 30, which is marketed more as a "direct recording amp." Whilst the 60 also uses the same SansAmp technology and could therefore technically be classified as a "modeling" amp, the layout, features, and controls are designed to react more as a regular 2 channel amplifier. It's no more modeling a Fender/Marshall than an Egnater Renegade.
I'm seriously looking at the 30 and 60 tech 21's in order to have a more portable option.

Need to go and try them both along with a VOX AC30.
1. The SG stands for “solid guitar.”