She says "Are you Bugs Bunny?"
Well, I'm not that funny but tonight I can be anyone you want,
Because tomorrow I'll be running...

No expense spared on some drinks; too much too soon to think,
He's got full attention with the intention of cashing in on it.
Thinking he's leaving this world he can't take anymore,
As he leaves with that girl he just met, what's the score?

But you wake up lying next to to her,
Wondering "what the **** did I do that for?
She isn't the lass I want; I'm not the bloke that I once was.
When my clothes spend nights on these floors.
It's unfamiliar. "
A lot of good things here. I liked the atmosphere you created about the song. The ending with "it's unfamiliar" added to that great vibe you instilled with the words. However, I do have some suggestions should you care to use them.

First, the changing of tenses threw me off a little. In the first verse you have a first person tense going on which suddenly changes to all third person in the second verse. I'm assuming the "she" is the same throughout but if the "I" and the "he" are different then you need to introduce the "he" character better. If not, then I'd suggest sticking with the same tense throughout. And that includes the second person you used in the last verse.

Also, the phrase "what's the score?" seemed very contrived, forced. The word 'score' seemed like it was used solely to rhyme with 'anymore' and while it may make sense, it just doesn't fit all too great and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Sometimes it's better if the lyrics don't rhyme because a rhyme scheme that's too strict can cause very forced lyrics. I would tinker with that line a little bit.

Hope this helped a little. I think you have some great stuff here. Just some editing here or there would help some.
here, My Dear, here it is