ok so i have been playing guitar for about 2 years on and off. recently i have been interested in writing my own songs. I know power chords like the back of my hand and a few open chords. i have never studied music theory or taken basic lessons so im not too familiar with scales/keys and chord families. my goal is to write a good sounding punk rock song using power chords but im having trouble. i listen to a lot of sum 41 and green day which is pretty much all power chords but it still sounds orgasmic. when i try to write my own songs i cant seem to get the (power) chords to "fuse" with one another.
is there a way to know what power chords go with each other similar to they way scales help you play open chords that sound good together?
and is there a website or something i could use as a reference to writing songs with power chords?
thanks guys!