I just post an amp review and you close the tread after a few minutes? What is there to be afraid of? If you can't control the amp bullies on UG don't shoot the messenger in the process. That's no way to moderate. Both replies are several minutes after I posted and no way they could have watched a 10 minute video review beforehand and order the forum moderator what to do. There was no arguement intended on my part with a simple video review post so other can hear an amp demo. Don't pre-judge. I'm not mad, just making a point to illustrate this:

Fender Malmsteen Strat > Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor > NS2 Send > NeoClassic 3080 Compressor > NeoClassic 741 Overdrive > NS2 Return > NS2 Output > VHT Special 6 Ultra Amp > Amp Send > MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay > Boss RC3 Loop Station > Amp Return
Because no matter what, a topic on opinions of MGs will cause a flame war which will inevitably get the topic closed, so it makes sense to close the topic before any abuse can start or escalate. You've been around long enough to know that
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Have you paid any attention to the forums the last 3 years that you've been registered? Threads started about MGs always, always turn out badly. Even if you disagreed, you could've PMed me about it, and maybe we could have worked something out.

Now, you just get a warning for spam.
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