I'm looking for something to record my acoustic, electric guitar, vocals, and maybe some keys at times to my computer. I want a decent sound quality but I don't have that much to spend. I've been looking at this:


but I don't know of it will get the job done. Or is it easier just to get an usb interface and a good mic?
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I think its gernerally a good rule to stay away from anything behringer. Usb interface and a mic is the best thing to do. An sm57 for guitars and an sm58 for vocals would be good.

Edit: an sm57 would work well on vocals aswell.
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yeah that'll get the job done... for about a week. good luck after that.

your best bet is to stay away from behringer. there are other good interfaces out there for cheap. pick up a mic along with that, but do not get a 57 or 58 if you're only getting one mic... they're great and all for electric cabs but are not at all good for acoustic guitars and recording vocals. the 58's a great LIVE mic, but sucks in the studio. you best off with one condenser mic and an interface, but be sure that the interface has phantom power.
Whats phantom power do? Sorry, I'm pretty new to recording. Could you recommend me some interfaces that aren't too expensive?
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there's a few. i can't speak for the quality of any of those as i've never used them, but they're some of the cheapest that aren't behringer, and that come with phantom power.

as far as a mic goes. you can get an MXL 990 for about $50 or if you can scrape up $100 i would strongly suggest the AT2020. the MXL is a cheap mic... but that's what you expect for the price. however, it'll probably still sound better than putting a dynamic (50-100 for cheap decent ones) on your voice or acoustic. again, if you can scrape up enough for the AT2020, it will be a whole lot better. it's still a very low end condenser, but is definitely one of the best for the money.

phantom power just powers condenser microphones. it doesn't effect anything else. only condensers know it's there, and it's the only way they work (except the ones with internal batteries).