that's a bit uh.... blurry... could you maybe get a better pic?

EDIT: and i'd try this in the electric guitar forum if you want a decent answer.
thats the best pit i could get the right wire is secure but the left is all frayed.
That picture doesn't really help, and this isn't the right forum.

I don't know much about the electronics behind guitars, but if a wire's loose in the cable, try resoldering it. Also, test it with other cables, to see if it's the cable, guitar, or amp; there could be something wrong with any of them.
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try The electric guitar forum, Accessories, or Guitar Building & Customizing, most likely just buy a new jack and solder it on, it wont be that expensive and is relatively easy.

It is possible that it could be the pots or any faulty wiring, so maybe just open the control cavity/ under the pickguard and take a peek to look for anything stripped/exposed.


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