i am getting a crackling and popping noise when my guitars volume knob is turned up at all. if the volume id completely down the amp is silent. i know it is not the cables because i just got new ones. it is very annoying when playing on the two distorted channels, much more minor on the clean channel but still there. ive always had this problem since i bought it used a little less than a year ago, but it is much worse now. if anyone has had a similar problem or thinks they know what it is, please let me know. the amp is a peavey xxx 112 combo if that is any help.
Wiring inside the guitar might be loose. Try opening it up?
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Could be wiring, a loose ground, or if the guitar has some age on it it could be you need a new volume pot or to have that one cleaned real good. If you open it up and do some work on it then go ahead and put a volume mod on it.

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Sounds like bad grounding.

Does the crackling sound worse as you turn the volume pot or is it only when you're moving about?
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