ok Im sorta new to this but from what Ive read on here everyone always say DONT GET A SPIDER, its the worst thing in the world, but whatever I was messing around with a 300$ spider amp at GC and it sounded great,, the clean/blues/metal knob thing, is that good or bad? I was messing around with the "insane" mode and it sounded hella crazy

How would you replicated that insane mode type sound on other amps?

anyway, do they suck that bad?
Bad troll is bad.

And in the 1/100th of a chance that this isn't trolling, insane is just a shitload of gain. Booster pedals ftw
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I like them. THe only thing is you can hear this "digital quality" when cranked loud, unfortunately even on the spider 4's. however the spider valves sound spectacular.
they are useful if you're looking for a cheap bedroom practice amp that can cover a variety of tones. they arent good if u want something to play in a band with (or something of a similar standard).
What version were you playing?
i understand the IV is a step up from the III. There is nothing wrong with their cleans, but the distortion is horribly digital sounding to me, kinda like the sounds you'd expect out of guitar pro, not a 'real' amp.

to replicate that insane mode, use lots of digital processing, to get a really good extreme gain sound get a high gain amp and shove a quality booster pedal in front of it.

What did you compare it to?