Which locking tuners will fit an early 2000's Yamaha Pacifica (I'm guessing it's a 112 since it has a maple fretboard)? Maybe Sperzel's since that's what Yamaha offers on their higher end models. Which nut material to you recommend? Corian, brass, graphite? I'm also looking to replace the bridge saddles to ones that are a little nicer. Any recs are welcome! Thanks.

an example of a good site.

you need to measure what you have and where the holes are, then get the brand that is closest in size.

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I would use guitar fetish, lower prices. Wilkenson tuners are good, and i like their mechanical locking tuners (the ones with the holes drilled in the post), Graphite nuts are best for gutiars with trem systems because they self-lubricate and will make it easier to keep even tension from tuning peg to the other end of the string in the inertia block. I would use either roller saddles or graphite ones.

Let me know how it works out!
Yeah, it's a vintage style trem but I don't use it, in fact I don't even know where the arm is. I'm more of a rhythm player, sometimes I play lead stuff but I like the more melodic style like Michael Denner or Michael Schenker.
A graph tech nut would be nice but you may have to buy a nut blank and get a Luthier to 'cut' it for the Pacifica because I don't think any pre cut graph tech nut would fit the Pacifica. The graph tech saddle (the 'import' set) should fit fine http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Graph-Tech-String-Saver-Saddle-Import-Set?sku=305101 but just check with the dimensions here http://www.graphtech.com/product-214-2/.
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