Now, I'll say right now that the old amp in question is a MG15CDR, hope that won't cause any flamewars or anything.

Anyways, having gotten a new amp for Christmas, I'm just wondering what I could do with my old amp. I have two options in mind:

1. Find a pawn shop to sell it at. Problem I see here is that since it's a MG15CDR that's probably 4 years old by now, if not more, that I won't get that much money for it. But I don't think Marshall makes these models any more, so could that fact make the price go up a bit? In short: How much do you think I could get for it?

2. Give it to a friend who's just starting out on guitar. My friend in question is primarily a piano/keyboard player (plays keys for our band, actually), but our other friend is loaning him an old electric guitar for him to mess around on. He's interested in learning guitar and this could possibly give him a much greater intrest in it, but since it's not his primary interest the amp could just end up collecting dust in a corner somewhere.

Which route do you think I should take?
Let your friend have it. You won't get much money for it, and you don't use it. Give it away.


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shit do both sell it to your friend XD
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Either give it to your friend to be nice and if he don't want it use for a $20 trade-in at Guitar Center towards something else. That's what I did.
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Take it to the pawn shop on the off chance that somebody there is new and offers you a lot more than it's worth simply because it has the word Marshall on it. You never know, crazier things have happened. At least then you'll know how much money you're handing out as a gift.
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If your friend doesn't own an amp yet, give it to him. If he already owns one, try to pawn it off or sell it on craigslist.
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Shit, the last 4 year old MG I saw went up in smoke while my friend was playing it, literally, and its not because he is a br00tlz shredder. Then he proceeded to kick it over in a very epic manner.

I'd give it to your friend, you wont fetch much for that amp, maybe a new pack of strings at the most.
You won't get much (anything) from a pawn shop. I say just give to it to your friend.
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Sell it to your friend for like, $10. You wouldn't get much more for it at a shop, and you'll be sure it's going to a good cause: Your friend :-D
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Sell it to your friend for like, $10. You wouldn't get much more for it at a shop, and you'll be sure it's going to a good cause: Your friend :-D

This. That's actually probably more than you'd get from most pawn shops (at least the ones I've dealt with).
give it to him and tell him if he ever wants to get rid of it to give it back. then sell it
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Find some unsuspecting knob who wants to trade their Cube/VT15/Vypyr 15 for it, then give that to your friend. :P
Give it to your friend but get it back if he's not using it anymore.
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Just let your friend use it, when he´s done he can always give it back.