Another one I did ages ago but I was looking at it today and I like a lot of it but not so sure about some bits so I'd like to see what you guys think. And what genre would you think this is?

I dunno whether I like the first solo, it's supposed to sound like, bad just for the feel of that section, and I dunno whether or not I like the chorus. I originally had no chorus and that bridge before it was just lengthened with different harmonies but I thought that was too boring. But I'm not sure how I feel about the chorus

rock 120 v4.gp5
rock 120 v4.mid
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honestly there was times when i felt like it was really special.

but then there were other times when it seemed like you were just throwing in some techniques in there for novelty sake and not for the sake of the song.
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Sounds really good, the start reminded me of Protest the Hero, they normally throw those fast pentatonic runs like you did in bar 2 (see Palms Read). The rest of the main riff is really good, sounds a lot like an extreme mathcore song, which is good..

The harmonics on bar 22 were awesome, even though gp didn't do it justice, I can really imagine how good they'd sound recorded..

Then the main riff comes up again with an awesome modification, those slides are a ****ing awesome touch..

I didn't really like the breakdown for some reason, those little high riffs were a bit out..

The bridge on the other hand was ****ing insane, really melodic and build up perfectly to those awesome taps in bar 68, I got chills when the harmonized part came..

The dark theme wasn't that dark, but it fit..

The solo is probably the worst part of the song, seemed too forced to me.. I like fast solos, but this just seemed like random wankery..

9/10, probably one of the best songs i heard here, just fix the solo..

Thanks for the crit on my song.
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Cheers guys, Nexxus could you give some examples maybe?

Portugese boy: Ha I thought the breakdown sounded pretty sick, but it's just what I wanted really. And are you talking about the first solo yeah? I think I'm just gonna get rid of that and add another riff with more lead or something. How was the second solo?
Just took a quick look at the solos, the first one is pretty bad, you use the same lick too often and it's too slow for its notes. I mean, you either have to go for well thought out solo, our you can go for wankage, but it's just too slow if you were going for the latter.

solo 2 is quite awesome, now flaws in it and some nice licks.
not really epic, but still nice.
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Intro is really good. Got me into the song in the first second, which is great for an intro.
Verse was ok, nothing more. I really liked bars 34-37, kinda took the second verse to a different place.
Verse bridge was kind of a mess. Didn't really like it, but I guess it's a matter of taste.
The bridge builds up very well into the chorus.

I liked how it got much darker all of a sudden.
When the bridge reappears for the last time It kinda felt like "Oh, not this again". I liked it and all, but with the bridge and then a solo on top of the bridge and than back to the bridge... It just felt like you had too much of that bridge in a row.

Well, my final imperssion is that it's very cool, but it lacks something. Dunno what exactly, but it gives an "Almost there" vibe.
I can't really say anything bad about this. It's pretty badass.
If you added another guitar track to do a little bit more leads under the first part of bridge developed it could get pretty epic.