Poll: Fender Jaguar Bass or Rickenbacker 4001
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View poll results: Fender Jaguar Bass or Rickenbacker 4001
Fender Jaguar
6 13%
Rickenbacker 4001
42 88%
Voters: 48.
Hey i just thaught I would ask if you could only play one for the rest of your life witch one would you choose?
Consider I'd probably jizz myself if I was given a Rickenbacker 4001, I say the Rick. I have never played it but I mean come on... The bass just screams ATOMIC ORGASM
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This is really dumb.

You can't compare a jaguar and a rickenbacker
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This is really dumb.

You can't compare a jaguar and a rickenbacker

Quite technically....you can...you can compare anything you like. Of course their maybe absolutely no similarities so in the end you compare differences (which is called contrasting).

Anyway for the thread...if I had to, the Rick, manly because I hate Jags (and most fenders for that matter) but that being said, I'm not even a huge fan of Ricks...they're cool for what they are and have that unique Rick sound but its not one that I feel would do me well on a regular basis.
If I owned a Rick I'd be set for life....I probably wouldn't be on this site explaining that, I'd be playing it, like I always would.
Try adding more delay.
Are you doing a serious comparison for a reason? Otherwise, this look suspiciously like a versus thread....
lol @ the poll results.

Anyways, I've actually considered getting a used Rick as my next bass so that I'd never have to upgrade again. I'd probably get the 4003 model instead, though, as they're usually more common and cheaper than 4001s.
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You are comparing the equivalents of a Porsche 911 to a Ford Taurus. It is hardly a fair comparison. Is this just a "versus" thread? The Rick may not be every bassist's first choice, but it is clearly a better bass than the Jaguar.
this seems like an almost pointless versus thread.

Definitely the Rick for me. Played a 4001 a a couple months ago, and didn't put it down until my buddy dragged me out of the shop. Whilst in comparison to today, where I picked up a Jag at GC for about 2 minutes, then thought better of myself and went back to drooling over the Warwicks.
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I own a Ricky 4003. I've played only a handful of 4001's, they're pretty similar. Rickenbacker definately, it is amazing.
definitely the 4001, the best bass I've ever played is a maple glo 1970s 4001 in Gamlins in Cardiff
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definitely the 4001, the best bass I've ever played is a maple glo 1970s 4001 in Gamlins in Cardiff

Amazing isn't it? Is it still there? I haven't been to Gamlins in a fair while. I vote Rick.
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the jaguar. regardless of quality, the rick sounds nothing like my preferred sound, and the jag does.
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Pointless forbidden thread is pointless and forbidden?

Of those two, easily the Rickenbacker, but frankly I'd rather neither. It's classy as hell, but as much as I love the Rickenbacker sound, it's too bright and guitar-like for my style, and doesn't mix well with other instruments. I'd much rather keep the bass I already have and know, thank you very much.