What are your most favorite songs with weird lyrics?

I love "Running With the Rainbow Unicorn" from the television show The Mighty B! and I don't know why.
I loved this crazy song from the television show "Arthur". I believe it was sang in Finnish and I recently discovered that the song was about girls who made fun of girls from another village and cheated on their boyfriends with the guys from that same village. Why did they put that song in a show that was designed for children?

I also like the song "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al.

And "Bennie Lava" (the Buffalaxed version). If you do not know what "Bennie Lava" (Buffalaxed) is, follow this link. You will be laughing for days as well as addicted:

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I can't think of any off the top of my head but the Bennie Lava song is funny
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united states of whatever-liam lynch
happy song-liam lynch
bitches-mindless self indulgence
the drunk alphabet song
Montana- Zappa

Actually almost anything by Frank Zappa would be considered weird.
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Id have to say Guns N Roses Silkworms.

Weird lyrics and a weird sound all together, but none the less KICKASS
We all love the fail-tar!
If you're curious of that Finnish song TS was talking about, it's "Matalii ja Mustii." If you watched Arthur, it's the song from the episode of the graffiti of "Binky Rules." Just so you all know.