My fretboard is wack. It is a Epi SG, and the fretboard is a few mm short by the nut(don't take this the wrong way). So yeah, a slight gap. What could I do to fix this? Fill it with something? I don't want to have to buy a new neck, and it doesn't affect the playability at all, but I hate looking at that. The only problem I think it could cause is maybe making the nut fall out? I dunno. I am changing the nut, so now would be the time to fix it.

Any suggestions?
new nut should be thicker to account for the gap. nuts come in several different sizes, or you can shape one from a blank, he he he he. funny but true
You are not getting me. I mean even with the nut there it is short.

@Havocrus: Wouldn't a different nut width change the intonation? And I don't really want to use a blank nut. I don't have the right files, and don't want to buy them.
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I'm not quite sure how to interpret your description of the problem. When you say "a few mm short by the nut", how exactly did you come to this conclusion? Did you measure the fret spacing, and find that the end of the fingerboard was cut wrong at the factory, or perhaps modified after-market?

The end of the fingerboard should normally define the nut position, unless the board were cut incorrectly. This of course is not something that can be noticed visually (unless the end of the fingerboard had been obviously hacked up with a chisel or saw), but only by accurate measurements, and it would have significant impact on intonation.

The intonation is perfect. The nut is in its correct spot, it is the fretboard that is slightly short just before the nut. The guitar is completely stock. Just a bad egg I suppose. I am moding it and would like to fix this ugly problem.
David, I'm not doubting you since you have way more experience than me, but without a compensated nut, the first few frets won't be in tune anyway. So is that really the best test to check the intonation?
I've checked the intonation before, and like I said, there was no problem where the nut was before. The gap was filled with glue before. I simply wanted to know what I could fill it with to make it look better.

Anyway, I could try placing the nut up to the fret board, but then I have the problem of a gap behind the nut. Not a big deal I suppose.

Hmm, anyone know what the fret spacing should be from the nut to the first fret? That would be a good way to determine what my problem really is eh?

Like i said. I am modding this I want to fix this now, since it is already in a state of disrepair.
As stated more than likely its not a case of the fretboard is to short. But they just didnt glue the nut on correctly, which would be flush against the end of the fretboard. Who would guess epi would do such a thing. I guess your saying if you move it there will be a gap where there is no paint on the headstock side of the nut.

I replaced the nut on my epi with a graphtech and its a little narrower than the stock plastic. So there is indeed a small strip with no paint. I just dont look at it the gap isnt going to hurt anything.
Well like I said, I don't want to have to buy a blank nut. I don't have the proper files to make the slots. I am going to use a Graphtech nut, but does it need to be the same size as the old nut? Could I just get one that is cut thicker already?

Anyway, I'll go measure to see what exactly I am dealing with.
Sorry if this sounds stupid, but what is the "face" of the nut? The nut is out of this guitar. When I measure from the start of the fretboard to the center of the first fret, I am getting over 1.5"... so I hope I am not measuring from the correct place... :P
A picture sounds like it would help a lot here. Try uploading a few pictures of the nut/ fretboard area.
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No they dont make various thickness of graphtechs. They have fender style and gibson style. Last ones I bought were thinner than stock epi nuts. As for preslotted, may not work so well. They slot em to fit many guitars. So they may be to high for yours who knows.