Well i got a electric guitar for christmas, my first guitar, and im wondering where should i really start? Learning notes? Tabs? or by the sound (ear)?

First and formost...................learn to tune it.
Then learn and practice all of the basic chords..............open chords first, then barre chords.
Oh yeah thats the one thing i have learned, tuning it. And ive learned some of the basic chords D G C. And some barred. but some barred are too hard for me atm, any other suggestions?
You know, the song Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd is a great song for beginners, because it's all just basic chords, plus it's a fun song to play and sing :-)
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Yep, Learn G C and D, these three Major.
Then learn the Pentatonic scale.
Then maybe Em Am, Dm chords.
hopefully someone will post a chord-playing guide.
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Im still getting used to switching notes, not good at that AT ALL, =/. Just comes with time and practice, so ill keep practicing, and do you have a certain version of thta song to play? Because it seems every site has a song wrote with notes differently