I have a Squier VM, and love it to death. I've been playing about a month, sans amplification. I love the punchy sound from the Mother's Milk era of RHCP more than anything.

I'm gonna head to my local GC and try out a few amps (see below)

-Acoustic B10/20/100
-Warwick Bluecab 30/60

And I might as well look at the Fender Rumbles in my price range if they've got them.

-What size speaker do I want? 10? 12? 15?
-I know I can use my GUITAR on my BASS AMP, but how will it sound?
-I will probably never even PLAY with another person, so how many watts should I (not) shoot for?

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-Acoustic B10/20/100
-Warwick Bluecab 30/60

I know I've been recommending this alot on this forum, but seriously:


Acoustic B200 for $50 cheaper than the B100. It's a refurb, but comes with full factory warranty. I have mine on the way (I currently own a B100)
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If you're not playing with anyone, 10-20 watts should be quite enough... I play an Acoustic 100W in a church band (although we haven't got a drummer), and it's severe overkill.

Speaker size has some personal preference involved, I'd recommend you try as much as possible...Generally (as far as I understand, and I'm no expert), the bigger the speaker the more low end you're going to get, and sometimes 15s can be muddy. On the other hand, some people find 10s too bright...It's really your taste.

You can run a guitar through a bass amp with no problems, it'll have a warmer, bassier sound...Some people like it, some don't, but since it won't kill your amp there's no reason not to experiment.

EDIT: Get the B200, it's not that much more than the B20, saves you the trouble of buying a bigger amp if you do get into a band/jam situation, and the tweeter counters the muddiness of a 15.
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