i just got an Epiphone Les Paul Special 2. i know its not the greatest guitar ever, but its my first guitar.
i play my friends Jackson alot and i love the sound. he has a better amp than me but still.
i play hardcore/death metal/grindcore ect.
the stings on my friends jackson are alot thicker than mine and i like the sound they make. so what kind/size strings should i get to get a deeper/more brutal tone?
thanks in advance
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It *kind* of matters what you tune to, as well...

But regardless, Exlirs are always a good bet; I tune to C-Standard, and I LOVE their baritone set. Before that I used GHS' Zakk Wylde sig set. Maybe give them a go? I used the Zakk Wylde back when I used to tune to D-standard, but I really couldn't recommend that to anyone...

But, there's only so much difference strings will make; they're the icing, not the cake. Getting a guitar tech to give you a good setup will always do wonders for your tone, regardless what strings you like.
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TS, do you downtune?
thicker strings'll give you more tension whether you do or not, but I'm asking to know just how heavy to recomend..

anyway, without a better amp, you're really not going to get the tone your friend does, but changing the strings will affect the tone a little bit.
more than the tone, the feeling of the guitar will change, though..
go to a guitar store and check out the different string gauges they've got.

try some thing like a set of 12's or 13's, with a heavy bottom
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Fagiphone? Is that what you play? ******?

Wow, you are a tool.

TS, strings don't matter to tone as much as your amp does. Thicker strings are usually used to tune lower, not for different tone.
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thanks. not to sound like a total tard, but i dont really know what its tuned in. its either in drop a or drop c. im not really sure. i just tuned it to what his was.
and thanks for reporting that dude up there. what an asshole.
but thankyou for the help
From my personal experience, heavier gauge strings can noticeably affect the tone. I used to use 9-42 gauge strings a lot on my Jackson and one day I finally decided on placing some heavier strings, gauge 10-52, and it had a fairly substantial impact on my sound. It gave the last three strings a lot more bottom and a slight bit more tightness that it definitely needed and, for the record, I'm playing in standard tuning. The characteristics I mentioned before become only more notable when detuning.