I play an Epiphone Les Paul Standard through a 65 watt solid state Crate amp. I'm in the process of upgrading the amp to an old Seymour Duncan tube amp. However, the real issue is about my pedals.

I have a DOD Thrash Master and an Arion Compressor. Both are rather old and the Compressor is incredibly noisy. Often when I stop playing the feedback is ear piercingly intolerable.

What are my options for correcting this?

I considered purchasing a used Boss NS2 Suppressor for 60 dollars. I have considered purchasing a Decimator Noisegate, however, with the 10 minutes of fiddling I did today with my friend's pedal it did not seem to solve the problem at all without cutting out my signal entirely.

Is there a way to tame these old pedals?
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Its not because they are old. I have a 20 yo wah and analog delay that both work fine. The compressor issue is gonna be they were cheap pedals.

Also may just be the way your setting it. A compressor amplifies any noise along with signal it gets. So you want it usually to be the first pedal in your chain, least amount of noise to amplify. Cutting back on the amount of compression you use would probably help with your feedback. Compression is more of a subtle thing.

Cranking the vol on your comp pedal into the thrash master with maybe its gain cranked is gonna give you feed back. A noise gate seems to be the ultimate solution to any noise problem. But I have never owned a noise gate/suppressor and play I plenty of metal.