I may end up buying a used Schecter Hellraiser from Guitar Center since it's within my budget; however, I'm somewhat uncertain. Has anyone had any experience buying used gear from Guitar Center? Was it decent or did they rip you off? I bought a Mesa/Boogie amp in August from there, and it was used, and the only defect in it was that the previous owner had broken the handle; otherwise, the sound was stellar. But I'm just asking to be careful. Does anyone know anything about buying used guitars?
i did buy a marshall 1960AX cab used from gc. they just got it in so he refused to bargain with me. but it was in great condition. i would definitely buy used from there again if i saw something i wanted
Not a used guitar, but I got a used Marshall JCM 2000 from Guitar Center in great condition, and I love it. So I say go for it...I have a Schecter Hellraiser and it's awesome
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Thread title isnt actually a question, so I am hesitant to answer...

But yes, its fine... you have bought an amp from them, its nothing you haven't done. Play the guitar and decide for yourself.
i actually do most of my shopping on GC used online section. any GC store will ship to u, and they are dirt cheap for some odd reason. iv gotten 2 guitars and an amp from GC used online.
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They usually base their used prices on Ebay's going rate, so while you might find a better deal with some digging you're not going to get massively ripped off either. If you've played around with it enough to be reasonably confident it works and will continue to do so, go for it.