There are often sound samples I hear, like these two, that I wish I could play like
http://line6.com/guitarport/sounds02.html (ambient solo) and
http://www.jimdunlop.com/index.php?page=products/pip&id=246&pmh=products/p_and_e (Distortion+JK)

I'm not asking how to play them exactly, i could slow them down and learn note for note if i want, but its the force behind them, i like that fusiony type soloing and i'm just wondering what type of stuff i should get into and learn so that i can improvise to sound like that rather than just pentatonic and major/scales. Any help or advice or those two solo's would be appreciated.
How about you figure them out then analyze them.

Figuring them out will do nothing for you (apart from helping your ear and your chops which happen to be very important), but once you figure them out you have the opportunity to analyze what the hell is going on, and you can learn to imitate that. After all, that's how music works.
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Quote by guitargoalie
i could slow them down and learn note for note if i want.

Thats what I would recommend doing.

I find I get more out of analyzing music that I can actually play. It gives you more to work with.

Ultimately I believe it gets you closer to your goal of extracting certain qualities of the music and injecting it into your own style. Just learning the materials without experiencing them in context isn't as effective IMO.
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