Hello. I have been looking online for a recording interface to use with my guitar. I have been looking mostly at Behringer; as they include Guitar Rig packages, or Line 6; as they come with the Pod farm plugin.

Can anyone reccomend a decent Recording Interface? I am not willing to go over $350 AUS and the Behringer interface I looked at in my local music shop was around $80 AUS.

At the moment I am going for the Line 6, so which Interface should I go with? I'll use it for recording guitar and vocals, and MAYBE keyboards.

i had a m-audio fast track usb but it was a pain in the ass to set up and get any sound out of it so i sold it and bought a tascam us144 mkII for 150e and it's perfect so far.
try the R&R forum. make sure you do a search first, this type of question is asked a lot, so you may get good answers without even making a thread.