Hello, I currently have a basic dilemma.
This would be that I am a musician into mainly Progressive rock, Math rock, Post rock, and many select little bits and pieces of everything you can think of.
This is making my musicianship very difficult as I live in a very small village (Manhattan) and can hardly find musicians that share musical interests with myself.
Because of this getting a Bassist and Drummer for a band is highly difficult.
Advice on the matter?

My most recent long term band was a regularly practicing and gigging band about 45 minutes away from my residence that lasted for a year and a half, 1 year of such we gigged regularly in venues between my town and theirs.

I can't personally seem to find anyone in my area into anything besides Metal, Hardcore, popcore, or music such as Nevershoutnever (whatever genre this is...)
This is becoming increasingly difficult.

Advice would be highly regarded.
Just jam with as many people as possible, and if you find that you have good chemistry with someone, make a band! =D
Lol I'm a drummer and you sound like you'd be fun to jam with... =)
Guess you'll have to carve out your own little niche. Worked for Mastodon, Dream Theatre, Rush, and Queens of the Stone Age. Well, Kyuss.

There is a ton of neat stuff you can play with the drummer going 4/4, 3/4, or 6/4. You could play polyrhythms over that. I'm guessing a bass player would be willing to go along if you gave him a lead and showed him how it's done.
you need to be flexible, no one in the world will have exactly the same taste as you so you can play the stuff you love when you practice but when you play in a band you have only a 1/4 share in choosing what you play and if you have a future in music you'll play a lot of stuff that you tolerate as much as like.

On the plus side every genre you learn will inform the way you play and add to your strength as a musician and you will be enriching any band you join by bringing all the music you love.

Look for musicians who you like and who are open-minded and flexible. Jam with them and see what grows.
Ok, next time you might want to specify that you live in a different Manhattan. Believe it or not, when I hear Manhattan, I do not assume you mean Manhattan, Illinois. You might not be familiar with it, but there's an obscure island in New York State that bears that name as well.
If you want to play music professionally, you're going to have to move. That simple.
Sorry about that, when I put Little Village in the thread title I thought it would be obvious that I di not mean The Island.

Either way I do understand that i don't have to play what I want but everything that is played around here I hate. I will not degrade myself to being in a band in which I don't like the music, that gets rid of the point of composition does it not?
Either way that 1/4ths thing is relavent, but I think I want to be in a band that is just me and a drummer, and i know a local drummer who is into Zappa, The mars volta, and king crimson. We might get something started.

Thanks everyone for the help, the problem was not just that I don't have anyone near me who plays music I like, as much as it is there are few people who play music at all.
I admit that I was confused. Little Village .... Manhattan .... ???? The only Manhattan I know is the one right smack dab in the middle of one of the world's most populous cities.

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