i need headphones that fit into the output socket on my amp and arent too expensive, i am having trouble finding the right size which is like the lead you plug the guitar in with.

advice please?
You can buy a 1/8" stereo to 1/4" stereo adapters
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If you want power for money then go for a pair of Skullcandy. I love mine. I also have Senneheiser headphones which are just amazing - but they cost more than $40.
My Parents decided for a treat that they would get me t-Bone HD 880 Studio Monitor headphones along with my Kirk Hammett Wah.

Holy crap. They are freakin' awesome. They come with an enlarger screwed onto a 3.5mm jack, so they can be used as normal headphones, but put into an eumlated heaphone jack in your amp, and hell, I use them when playing Xbox or watching a movie. It's like freakin' surround sound.

Mucho bass and massive, whole sound. Not sure of the price, but for my parents to just randomly buy them for me, they couldn't have cost much. Whatever they paid, it was worth it.
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Make sure it's a headphone out.
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