basically just got pod x3 live today. just going through the manual, tweaking etc.
my question is how to download and install patch via internet. line6 monkey ?
do i need to update from line6 site ?
thnx please reply
You are going to have to download the free software on line 6's website first I believe but I haven't even got that far with mine yet. Good Luck!
thnx man, i have downloaded that already,will update it soon.i cant wait to play my fav artist"s signatures tones on that
to patch, you need monkey as well as gearbox.

and yes you need monkey to update, reflash, and all that jazz; but the actual patching is done through GearBox after youve done that in monkey. be sure to register your pod as well.

add me to friends and i can walk you through a patch on meebo/chat.
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