I have a Peavey Valveking 112 amp. Everything works perfectly on the clean channel but when I play on the lead channel the sound periodically cuts out and I have to jiggle the cord where it plugs into the amp to get it to come back. My amp has two inputs, each of which exhibit the same problem. I've tried several different guitar and cord combos and it happens no matter what gear I'm using. Could this be a problem with one or all of my tubes? If so, would it be a preamp or power tube problem?
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you might need to change the pre-amp tubes. not sure tho

How exactly would I go about checking them?
are they cold when you turn the amp on? maybe 1 or 2 died

EDIT: try switching each of the pre-amp tubes around to different slots and see if it still does what you were saying
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i'm having the same problem with my fender frontman but its a solid state...
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If you jiggle the cord, and the usual distortion channel or what have you comes back like normal, it's not the tube.

if the tube bit it, it would NEVER work right. Sounds like sloppy solder joint or a bad jack connection to me.
Thanks for the props, al, and it's certainly not the tube itself, but I will correct myself.

I took a quick look at the schem...
The input jacks are wired parallel via two resistors to v1/1, and if both inputs act the same, it won't be a bad jack connection (unless both jacks are equally faulty: unlikely).

I suspect the relay to v1/2, simply because it's the next common denominator.

Signal path is constant among both channels until the "bright" relay. Is there any change when switching that?

EDIT: I mean that linearly, looking left to right across the schem.
"bright" and "lead gain" are at about the same location.

(sorry, not familiar with this amp's controls, just looking at the schematic...0

ReEDIT: just checking the facts. All good now!
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