Ok, so today i went down to the Carvin store in Sacramento, just window shopping, when i laid eyes on possibly one the most gorgeous 7 strings i have ever seen. Now, does anybody here have experience with the C26t-1 and c26n-1 in a guitar other than a Carvin made 7 string? Specifically a mahogany guitar. More specifically, a Schecter C-7 hellraiser FR. And also, is it possible to install passives on a guitar that came with EMG 707-TW's stock?

TL;DR: Can passives go where actives went? and do carvin 7 pups sound good in guitars other than carvins.
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Yes, but since the 707's have a big cover, you'll have big ugly holes around each pickup. There are pickup rings you can buy that were made just for this, and will cover the hole, but I still dont really like the look.
From what i've heard, Carvin are amazing quality guitars, so their pickups should be good.
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