I am looking into packaging the CD that my band has been recording.
Were looking for something legit, and getting anywhere from 100-500 printed initially depending on cost.
anybody have any ideas.
we want this to be professional.
Considering sealed jewel cases, pull out cases, etc.
We did ours through hypnotic duplication (www.hypnoticduplication.com) and they were awesome, both in service and in support. The price is very competitive too. We got 500 made, which is a pretty standard minimum. It's really not cost-effective to do any less, because the way the costs break down, it's the setup and the first disc that costs the money.

Generally, if you want less than 500, they'll do 500, knock $10 or whatever pittance off, and just throw away the ones you didn't want to buy. It used to be that that was true for orders of less than 1000.

They do bar-coding, shrink wrap, full colour disc printing and packaging. They go through the Sony duplication plant, so that's the same company that is doing the work for most of the major label artists, so that's the quality you get.

The end look of your artwork depends on what you give to them. They don't jazz anything up for you. They just make 'em.

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We used www.discmakers.com Duplicated 500 cds. The price b/w 500-1000 isn't too terribly much but may be just out of the range of some bands. Profit per unit is much better though w/the 1000 qty. Very professional quality and reliable shipping/service.

Be warned!!! With any cd duplication with any company it is the ARTWORK that takes the most time. So if you have a deadline to meet, be sure to have all your pdf ducks in a row. You'll send them the artwork, they'll return a proof for you to Ok, and you'll send them the go-ahead. If changes need to be made though, keep in mind it may take longer than you expected.

You have can discmakers design artwork for you if you don't already have your own ready, though it does cost extra of course.
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Digipacks are expensive and only really cost effective if you are doing a full length so you can make more money back on each unit sold.

Google National Media Services, they have the cheapest jackets/wallets I have seen and those are the best packaging for an EP in my opinion.

If you are doing a full length though, getting a digipack or a good quality jewel case from discmakers is best.
discmakers is looking as one of the best values i can find right now.
any other suggestions?
and yeah we are recording a full length
I don't know how much those places are charging, but if you want a small order, you can get it done through lulu.com. $5.50 each for 1-5 CDs, $4.50 each if you're getting more than than. Price probably isn't great, but the no minimum could be handy, and you can have CDs sold through their site. I haven't gotten a CD done there, but I did get a book printed by them, it turned out pretty well.
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