Tone's Lament

Oh you, won't see
All that I believe right now
I'm giving out

And I bet
I bet with all my money
That you will never see
You will never see

All that you used to
All that you did
That made me smile
And you'll forget,
Forget in a while

That I was the whisper
In your every midnight teardrop
Over him
Over him
No you are not over him
And I begin

I begin to wonder
Begin to see
All that you've never seen
And I go back
I go back to the hour
When I first felt your embrace

Your embrace
That sticks with me even today
And never leaves
No it never leaves

So think of this
Think of this
My own resignation
Just think of this
As my own giving up

My giving up
On you

Cause I don't know how long
I just don't know how long
I'll keep this up

I used to think
I'd keep it up for a lifetime
I used to think
You'd be the whisper
In all of my teardrops
Over you

Well I guess you were
No, you were
You always were
Ever since the hour
That I thought of you
Not even of her

Well now I know
Now I know that you weren't the one
You never were, you never were
The battle that I thought I won

And now it's not over
I'll never admit
That this will be the end
Because I know, I just know
You'll be what you were
Just my friend
The font colour hurt my eyes.

Lyrically, it's quite bland and doesn't hold anything in it which would leave an impression big enough to make me remember what it was about.

I guess at least it has a tolerable flow and the rhymes don't grind on me too much.

Try and employ a larger range of vocabulary and perhaps pop an original metaphor or two in there to liven it up.