What kind of merch does your band have? shirts? buttons? CD's? hoodies? frisbees? panties?

what do you sell and how much did you pay for it? and how much do you charge for it?

Maybe if we all contribute, we'll be able to find the cheapest place to get stuff made haha.

I ask because my band just decided to make new shirts. we sell shirts and buttons. I'm not sure how much for.
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alright, I think this is a pretty sweet thread Idea, so I'm gonna go ahead and bump it. Merch is a pretty important thing to bands, and as bandleaders, I'm sure we've all dealt with merch stuff before.

What do you people make other than shirts and buttons to sell?
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Not in a band, but my old paintball team made T shirts and bumper stickers. Bumper stickers are good because they're relatively inexpensive (We sold them for $3 and made a profit), can be ordered in small quantities, and don't take up a lot of space. Problem is they're not terribly popular, so a small batch might last you a long time.
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If you want very short run discs, hit up Kunaki. Not the best, you get what you pay for, but they look pretty legit, are easy to work with, and arrive fast.
Stickers and T-shirts are most important imo. Stickers are cheap, and people appreciate getting free stuff at local shows, so hand a few out for free. Give a sticker for free everytime someone buys a shirt or cd from you as well. It's the little things that count sometimes, even if you have to spend a little bit of money on it. Hell, some people will still offer to pay for them too.
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My band is also in the process of designing shirts.
Shirts are good because its like a walking advertisement. Make them interesting looking, but also something that people would wear once every other week or so. If I get a few friends at school to wear them, more people will find out (hopefully) by word of mouth/seeing the shirt.
My band has shirts. We got a short of run on them (35 - 25 guys shirts, 10 girls tank tops) for I think $100-$135. We're getting stickers made, some dudes in a band from MA print them up and we're getting 270 4X3.5s for $75. After we take new promo picture's we're going to get some posters made too. not sure where though.
T-shirts are your best bet. Guys and girls ones. Everyone wears t-shirts and everyone can see them. Also, if you have a really great design that will definitely sell (ask people before printing if they would buy it), then hoodies could be good too. But they're risky since they're so expensive to get made, meaning you have to charge a lot for them. If you're a hardcore / deathcore etc band, shorts are really popular, and if you have lots ready to sell at the start of summer it could be a good investment.

As for panties, sure if you're already popular and have lots of girl fans who'd buy them, but remember, 50% of the point of merch is to get you exposure, to use people as walking advertisements. Unless you have very..."friendly" female fans, you probably won't get a lot of exposure from them having your band name printed on their underwear. So if you can afford to sell merch without getting publicity from it, by all means go for it.

Stickers, badges / buttons or whatever are good too, you won't make much money off them or have to pay much out to get them, but you'll get exposure. They aren't as good as t shirts and such, but consider throwing in some free ones with t shirts / hoodies. Your fans will love you for it and you'll get the exposure from them without losing a huge amount of money from it.

My $0.02.
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Yeah t-shirts are great I got a pretty good deal on them from 36 adult black T-shirts printed with any one color design for $140.00. Theyre good quality and people like getting a shirt froma local band. Stickers are also very cool and you can give em out for free or sell em for like $2 and make a little profit.
at the moment we have badges which we're giving out for free. when we start playing out of town more, i think we'll get t shirts. right now, i think we're at the stage where doing t shirts might make sense, but also might be kinda lame.
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We use Spreadshirt, which means the stuff is printed and mailed to order. The upshot of which being it doesn't cost a penny. You can choose your own commission on the deisgns, and the pricing (her in Eurpoe at least) is not bad.

This is the shop we built with it:

And this:

Came out looking like this:

Total cost £10 a shirt, which is pretty reasonable.
We have CD's, shirts, stickers, and guitar picks.

CD's we sell for $10 at shows, and $12 through the website and at local retailers. (the extra $2 basically covers consignment or shipping)

We got them done through Hypnotic Duplication, who goes through Sony, who does all the major label stuff. It's bar coded, shrink wrapped, has full-colour front and back (black and white on the inside of the booklet), and colour printing on the disc. It was about $1000 for 500 discs.

T-shirts we had made by a company out of town, but still fairly local. They cost us almost $10 each, but they are 100% cotton (10 oz) Gildan shirts. We get them with yellow logo on black, or black logo on red. Cheaper shirts will be more polyester, which doesn't breathe as well, or will be a much lighter weight cotton (like 6oz), which means it will fall apart after six months, and even new will look like you can spit through it. We sell them for $20 through the website, or $15 at shows. We have a package deal where you get a disc and a shirt at shows for $20.

Stickers we give out for free wherever we go, and the guitar picks are just for us and whoever we decide we want to give them out to. ;-)

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