Im planning 2 purchase a new axe ....n i found 1 on Ebay ...n its listed by a Top rated seller : meestursparkle ( he has 100% positive feedback ) .

also im planning 2 pay by using Paypal ....jus wanna kno if dis methord is trustable or not ?

im sme wat confused ..as its my first time in going 2 purchase frm internet ...lol

sme advices n tips r always welcome !

Cheers n Regards !
I personally wouldn't. I think Ebay is a safe way of doing business, but on principle, I don't buy guitars that I haven't played in person.

As far as how trust worthy Ebay is? It's fine.
Their stuff looks legit, but I wouldn't personally spend that kind of money on a guitar without playing it first.
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