Hey all, I was wondering if any of you pro bass players can give me a hand in setting up my pedalboard. I currently have a Sans amp tech 21 bass driver DI, a boss gt-6b effects processor, a big muff pi (bass), and a Mark tremonti power wah boost. I seem to have the wah pedal and the big muff in order but not so sure about the DI box. Just want to know how I can properly set up utilizing all of these pedals....thanks
I unfortunately do no know what to do in this situation... I'm not much of a pedal man, as I love a clean unchanged sound...
I wish I could help you here...
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Instrument -> Wahwah -> boss gt-6b -> big muff pi -> Sans amp tech 21 bass driver DI -> Out

This is because:
*The wahwah always sounds better when you put it in front (Thru trial and error I found to like it this way the most).
*Also you want to send a clean signal to the effects processor - in order to avoid noise.
*In analog pedals it doesn't matter if you overdrive in front of your other effects or later, but if you have a digital processor, it's best to distort AFTER the processor.
*DI is fairly obvious.