Hey guys,

So, i live in Australia, and i thought it'd be cool to build a guitar out of Australian wood, as most of it looks very pretty and apparently sounds great. I've done some research, and there are lots of great aus tone woods out there, but unfortunately i can't find out any info on they're tonal properties.

So, in short, if i was building a 1 piece, solid body guitar, and i wanted darker, richer tone, any suggestions on what i might try looking for???
Tassie Blackwood fits that description pretty well. Its sort of similar to Mahogany, but better.
I'm not sure for the wood but be real careful where you're cutting... Pretty sure the authorities aren't often happy about people just cutting trees down .


Oueensland Mahogany exists doesn't it?

Also, respect to guy above me, we both have the same guitar. The Epi I mean.
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Queensland Maple is supposed to be somewhat similar to mahogany, plus it is quite an easy wood to work with
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Tassie Blackwood fits that description pretty well. Its sort of similar to Mahogany, but better.

Tassie Oak is a damn good too, I built a fretless out of it qld maple and Jarrah.

The wings are Tassie oak the neck is qld maple and Jarrah the fretboard is also Jarrah. Tonally it's a really rich full sound with a little extra punch from the HZ's.
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I've got a guitar thats neck-through construction (Canadian Rock Maple neck with a banned African Ebony fingerboard) and the body is made out of Queensland Red Maple with a fiddleback figure through it. It's a softer timber than Canadian maple but still very dense and resonant. Bottom line - sounds awesome. It was made by legendary mandolin luthier Steve Gilchrist though; I think he could make balsa sound good.
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For my year 12 woodwork project I made a semi-hollow neck through using Queensland mahogany wings, Queensland maple and jarrah neck with a Pink Gidgee fingerboard.