I was just wondering what everyone else liked from 2009 as far as instrumental and shred albums went. Animals as Leaders came out of nowhere and blew me away. I also really liked Rob Balducci's new album. And John 5's Remixploitation was pretty sweet too.
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i've always found pop to be harder to play than metal... especially shred metal... it's just really fast tremolo picking and the occasional palm mute... and the only chords you have to worry about are power chords...
Holy moly! I hadn't heard of Animals As Leaders at all till now, just got my ears on it and it's totally blown me away. Tosin Abasi is incredible, some vids of him playing bits n pieces on youtube are awesome too! (his own account username: xnextgtrgodx)

Even if I did hear it a bit late, I'm going to agree with that - AaL #1 for 2009. Definitely.
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Definitely Carving Desert Canyons by StS, my favorite album of the year in any genre.
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