I got my new guitar recently, the Washburn X50 Pro FE. Top quality guitar, just I'm getting annoyed by some slight fret buzz. I play on standard 9' strings, and the sound abit metallicy so I'm going to change the strings. I thought the fret buzz was due to the pretty low action which was on the thicker strings, raised it up and no fix. What you think the problem is?
Are you sure its fretbuzz? Check the relief on your neck too. The Setup guide sticky at the top of the Electric Guitar forum has all the info you'll need.
The likely culprit is a high fret or two. Have a qualified guitar tech check your frets to see if they are level. If they are not, a good fret leveling job isn't expensive, and can greatly enhance the playability of your guitar (as well as kill the fret buzz).
Actually, I think its the neck relief. The action compared and the space pressed is stupid.

Gonna google it. Any tips?
If it is neck relief, then it is a simple matter of adjusting the truss rod. You need to put more bow (less dip) in the neck (loosen, or turn the truss rod adjustment knob anti-clockwise). Turn the rod no more than a 1/8 turn at a time, tune back up and try playing. If that doesn't do it, try another 1/8 turn. I would be amazed if it required more than three 1/8 turns to fix.
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It'll be located below the neck pickup wont it? So I'll have to re-string when doing it?
No, it is located beneath the truss rod cover on the headstock. It is a plastic shield-shaped cover held on with three screws. It probably has something written on it, like the guitar's name or model number. Remove that cover and you'll see the truss rod adjustment nut. In all likelihood, it will require an allen wrench to adjust. It should have come with the guitar (look in the case or gig bag if you bought it new). If not, you can use one from the hardware store. They aren't special wrenches or anything, but if your guitar was made overseas, it will use a metric-sized allen wrench, as opposed to a U.S.-made inch-sized allen wrench.
Oh yeah just spotted it. So that explains the allen key what came with it. Got abit confused when saw it. Thanks lmao.
Good luck with it. If adjusting the neck relief doesn't kill the fret buzz, have a tech make sure the frets are level. A high fret or two is a common problem; even on some expensive guitars.