Mate is having a party but the bloke supplying the speaker system has just bailed. I have a 130 watt amp and a massive speaker for it, but we're wondering how the sound quality will be, should we be worried or will it probably be good? neither of us have an adaptor to plug in the stuff so we cant test it out, but we can buy one on the day. can anyone help?
It will work... it will probably sound weird. Is it a guitar amp or is it like a preamp?
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it could work but the problem with using amps as pa s is usually that the speakers are not designed to handle the full range of audio that a song produces, but only the range of a guitar. It will still play and be decently loud but your sound quality wont be that great. if you maybe had some kind of equalizer of something you could totally use it in my opinion. take it easy on the bass too. hope this helps
Guitar amps aren't exactly hi-fi. And as krustshred said, guitar amp speakers aren't usually designed for great frequency range, the bass could ruin them.
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to dubes, its a preamp. its a 130 watts and i have a massive speaker that goes with it. what is/where do i get/ how much is an equalizer?
Just connect the cabinet to the device for the music, it should work. There should be a way to connect it. At least i think, there is one :P
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My friend uses a 30 watt Ibanez bass amp as his computer speaker and it works fine and sounds really good.
Dont go blasting your wiggabeats on an amp. Take it waaaay easy on the bass.

Then buy yourself a stereo.
...In my opinion.
A good guitar amp is designed to make a guitar sound like a guitar, not to take a low level signal and amplify it faithfully. That's why valve amps, which are far inferior in terms of sound replication, are preferred to solid state amps because they make it "sound like a guitar".

So playing music through it will work, it will just sound a bit odd. You'll lack bass and your eq'ing will be all out. if you push it you'll get breakup as well, which is exactly what you don't want.

Bass amps aren't ideal either, but they are much much better.
i plug my mp3 player into my amp all the time, just make sure it's on the clean channel (or the emulated line in or whatever its called) and it should sound fine.

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