But where to start?

I'm no Vai by a long shot, but I enjoy rocking out here as much as possible and most of all I just love the guitar. Always have and always will.

I've got a really simple setup here, an Ibanez SAS36 being my primary weapon of choice with a Vox Pathfinder 15R (can't go too much louder with the kids at the moment) and a Boss ME-50 as my main effects unit. I've got a wah, but outside of that - zip.

I'm looking to off the multi-effects and instead build up some individuals piece by piece.

Where should I start?

I'm grabbing a Fuzz Factory later in the week to play around with, but I need to just get a good reliable distortion to fall back on. I play alot of Muse, RATM & Wolfmotherish type stuff - and love the heavy riffs.

If you can offer any enlightenment to get me started i'll research the rest.

I appreciate any feedback offered.

As a side note - if I swapped out these pickups, which way should I go?

Thanks again guys. Apologies for being so broad.

Happy holidays!

- D
well, how i thought about it, your best tone will be from guitar and amp only, so i'd get an amp with a real nice tone that you like, and try and make it a tube amp (even 5Watts is loud). Then build from there.

I went through this process not too long ago.

I bought my amp (vox VT100) one of the distortion on it really blew me away (find summin that blows you away.
I already had a digitech whammy (for wankin off)
Then i bought a wah pedal (weeping demon)
Then my next investment was the volume pedal (the BEST pedal investment i reckon, especially if it has a boost function, then you don't have to buy a compressor for a clean yngwie sound)
Then i got an ibanez with humbuckers to clean up my sound

And i'm set, but then again my amp has some built in effects, so that helps a little.

Hope this helped you in some way.
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even though you`ve got the amp distortion, it`s always nice to drive the front of the amp a bit more (espeacially true if you upgrade to a tube amp later on) so as distortion pedal, satchurator or a ds1 or TS9.

you`ve already got a wah.....it`s not the greatest wah but it does the job well enough

maybe look into some sort of octave (vox satriani one is due later this year according to rumours) and a whammy is one toy you`ve got to have eventually that should sort the frontend out. almost forgot compressors and a gate if you end up with a noisy rig.

you should look into delay pedals, as being the 1st thing you buy to go into the effects loop, then look into flange and chorus as being the other 2 main time based effects.

alternatively what effects are you using on your me50, do you have a favourite patch....try building your stompboxes around that.

never get rid of your multi effects they make great headphone amps for unsocial hours playing......providing it`s got a headphone socket
Thanks heaps guys.

A few different points of view for consumption

I appreciate it.
I would actually consider a low wattage tube amp before you get pedals. If you would go used, you could get a Tiny Terror which would be great for Muse and especially Wolfmother. But i terms of pedals, i would have to say an EHX Big Muff, TS9, and a Homebrew Psilocybe phaser.

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