im looking to get a fender twin reverb amp but ive heard the overdrive isnt all that...what overdrive pedal would go well with it? a boss sd-1 ?

i play alot of psychedelic music like brian jonestown massacre and also quite a bit of the stones

psyche eh? maybe a big muff by ehx. it aint overdrive but that fuzz/dist will get you that neo-psyche fuzz. as for overdrive, i aint a pro but maybe look for vintage overdrives as i'm a psyche fan myself- i find a retro vintage overdrive to be the most applicable to the psych genre- but thats my two cents. gl bud
cheers, i was thinking of getting a graphic fuzz for the fuzz, will look into vintage overdrives! i actually happen to be in melbourne too at the moment! saw the black ryder at the tote not long ago!
Tonebone has a few good tubed OD pedals, same with BK if you're willing to go into the $300 margin.

Otherwise, there is the trusty Ibanez TS808s and such, Xotic BB Preamp is also quite good.
^^ tube screaming or maxon od808, both great ods with the same circuits that dont boost signal too much, me i like the dunlop zakk od, but it boosts signals and i like alot of boost and gain
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I use a maxon od-808 with my twin, and it sounds pretty good. More like a classic rock sound, and with some tweaking (depending on your guitar too) you can get some decent clapton/hendrix/zeppelin. Could probably get some Stones tones out of it, idk much about psychedelic music/tones.