Hi guys, I was looking for some cool basses under $400 and found these two things which I reaaally liked

1. http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-Guitar-Research-Stiletto-Extreme4-Bass?sku=528006

2. http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-Guitar-Research-DV4-Devil-Bass-Limted-Edition?sku=423302

sooo I need advices, which one is better or smth like that.

and mostly I play funk and metal =]
I hadn't seen that DV-4 Schecter before - I like the option to choose the frequencies your EQ is set at, and the EMG MM pickup is very cutting - lots of mids - great for funk or metal. But then the stiletto is a really nice feeling bass to play. You'd have to try the DV-4 yourself to see if it feels as nice.
I just recently got the DV-4 Devil Limited Edition from Schecter and its awesome. It has two EMG pickups for great sound. It also looks cool as all hell with a back perloid tribal inlay going up the neck. It has a set neck and comes either in black with a pickguard or black cherry. At $350 bucks you cant beat this. It even looks better than the current DV-4...
I don't like the Stiletto for metal, it doesn't have a sharp cutting enough tone for me.
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I love my Stiletto but it's an Elite. I love it for Metal and it can do some nice Funk tones too.
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If you value your upper fret access, you should probably do for the Stiletto. That being said, I'd still probably get the DV-4.

Aesthetically, I think the Stilletto looks a million times better. But in terms of playing, they're both great basses and any Schecter sounds great.
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The DV-4 is a clearance item, which means it's going for a lot cheaper than normal. It's definitely the better buy here.
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I pesonally like Stiletto with its badass body but I kinda like DV-4, too. And if they are the same in terms of playing, then I think I'll go with stilleto =] thnx dudes 'n' doodlez
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