So I am trying to get into blues jamming a bit. And I think it sounds good but I keep staying in the same notes the whole time so it begins to sound and play annoying after 1 minut.
Could someone give me some tips so I can play across the whole neck?

Sure thing. I recommend mapping out the entire scale over the fretboard and breaking it into "boxes". In fact, you're probably already doing that if you're playing the most common blues scale, you've just got to expand the concept. Try to learn a new box every day. Jam in it exclusively for awhile until you really have it down. Then connect the boxes using slides or whatever you'd like.

It takes a bit of work but ends up sounding very nice and giving you a lot of fretboard control in the process.
I like to take a lick, then octave about, i.e. [standard tuning, Key of Em]
then up the octave
and then again

it's a really easy way to stay in key while jamming, but still keeping your solos fast...
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You can use the pentatonic scales in the CAGED format and throw in the bV for the blues. That's 5 patterns in there.
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Thanks all. I am following the blues lead series by justin sandercoe as dust said. I think it will help me getting a better base to play with.
Thanks for all the help though!!
learn scales as notes,not positions

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