This one goes out to Samantha!
The first chorus and verse is before us getting together, the second is before we actually got together and talked about things that we thought we should look at if it could work out... and of course, the second chorus is about me trying to win her heart because she's full of doubt!


I can't get you out of my head,
if I turn around i can see you on my mind on a small thread,
Well at least I know you're not a threat,
but you're driving me crazy.
My head is filled with thoughts about you,
Everyone that I've met in my life looks just like you
and it drives me crazy.
When I walk down at the streets, I see people staring at me,
is it because they think i see somebody else in them?


You're everything I wanted, I want to marry you,
I love everything about you, I hope you feel the same way too.
If you say no, then I'm gonna keep continuing,
'cause I'm a stubborn fellow who just tries to win your heart.
I bet you can tore my heart apart,
But I'm gonna keep trying anyway.


I can see our lives growing together,
I can see us living in hapiness,
Maybe that's just a vision filled with lies,
But I hate to ask of what in future that decides?
When I look at you, you probably see me in diffrent ways,
than i do, but that's not gonna keep me from trying,
I know we can be together if you just want to try,
this is my song to you, i love you, and it's not a lie.


I just want to make things better,
I want to make you happy and smile,
I want to keep on trying and give it all in,
I want to open my heart to you
(I'm a stubborn guy)


I know we can make things much better,
I know we can hope and belive together,
I know that you're just as stubborn as me,
But it doesn't keep me from trying,
I just want to belive.
(that we will always be together)
a good song is catchy i dont think that was catch at all plus the chorus needs to have the same words people would get confused about didrant choruses

this song is my life right now but its difficult to understand what u mean even though your saying it in the song,

who is your favourite song writer/ band that make there own stuff?
you should try bob dylan, neil young and lernord cohan. and if u bird watch bill oddie writes his own stuff then sells it to artists im a heavy metal person but those song writers speak to me
btw, the chorus doesn't need to be the same. You can twist it around totally. Saying that the chorus must be the same is just dull. You can write a whole song and have the chorus changed.