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C4C of course. There are some repetetive parts in the song which I like and I did that intentionally, however i'm not sure if it works for the listener, please give me your opinion!
The first thing that sticks out is that it's well produced although I would say that when the guitar first comes in it could do with being a tad lower down - although it works really well when the vocals come in.

The vocals in the chorus are pretty repetitive - which is fair enough if you did it intentionally but for my own tastes I would like to hear more variation; Entirely subjective though. I like the way you put a little solo in on the final chorus but I think it ends a bit too abruptly.

Overall though a well written and produced song - I enjoyed it. 8/10

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Dude, Thats a real nice sound your getting whats your equipment. I thought the volume on the solos was real fine and the sound quality was good enough for some demos. I do think it ends a little abruptly and maybe if there was some type of bridge it would make the song that much more appealing. But over all really good job one of the better things i've heard on here.
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I agree about the start of the guitars being too loud, but hell, the production is excellent! I love the composition, it's really smooth and catchy. The chords all work together really well, and the vocals are solid, could be a little louder in the mix, but work excellent with the song.

I thought all the layers were marvelous. Everything on top of the beautiful chords works so well. The different guitars and melody lines here and there fit so well together, very solid song and superb production.

C4C please?