I am up for a new amp to go along with my awesome new to me guitar that my brother in law handed down to me (It's a 90's Washburn Chicago Series with active EMG's and a Floyd Rose Pro bridge). The amps that I have been trying out lately have been the Peavey Vypyr 30, Line 6 Spider IV 30 and the Roland Cube 20X. I have also seen used a Vox AD30VT and a Fender GDEC 30 but I am thinking these two would be to weak for the type of music I like to play which is Metallica and other 80's metal. I would like to stay in the $250 or less and 30 watts range for my use.

I am looking more at the Peavey Vypyr 30 because I have owned a Line 6 Spider II and it was ok. The only things bad that I have read about the Vypyr is that they have firmware issues that will lock or freeze the unit up. Any input is welcomed espically if you own any of these amps. I am looking to pick up my new amp this Friday!
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Don't get the spider. You'll regret it later. I have a few friends who got them and they all wish they had different amps. I'd go with the vypyr, but that's just me.
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I'd get a vypyr, and get it as big as you possibly can, coz they sound better with more dispersion.
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You could choose between the Vypyr, the Valvetronix (did you try the VT series?) or a Roland Cube 30(X) if you can but stay away from Line 6 Spiders, Marshall MGs and Fender Frontmans.
I'd go with the Vypyr. I believe most of the firmware issues have been resolved and getting a firmware update is not hard. Average reliability - similar to the Vox and GDEC. The GDEC will not do metal. The Valvetronix series I've played can do some thrash OK but are more geared for just rock.

Something like a used Peavey XXL will slay all of the above.
I'd recommend the Cube, I've recently been trying alot of practise amps and from all the solid state amps I've tried the cube is the best for metal IMO. The Vypyr is just too much like the Spider to me, but slightly better. Vox seems to hate lower tunings.

The Cube is solid built, and i think it has a model that works for most styles, just incase you did fancy playing something other than metal. The cleans are pretty good and i like the fact of having the extra bright switch too.

Edit: infact i dunno about the cube working with that guitar very well, I tried a schecter with EMGs and it really sounded like cr@p TBH so if you can try each out with your guitar first.
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I'd look at a second hand tube in that price range, especially if you're using EMGs. Solid state modeller + active pups = screechy sound (usually).
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