Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with these amps? I was at a store yesterday and the guy told me he could give me a used 20 watt (i think) one for about 75 bucks.

Seemed like a good deal but i was in a rush and didn't get a chance to play it.

I should mention that i am just getting into playing bass (been playing guitar for a while) and so i am right in the middle of getting my gear together.

So basically i am a beginner and was wondering how this amp holds up
20watts with bass wont get you nearly as far as it would in guitar. Low end chews up a lot more power. 20watts is definatley a practice sided amp, or maybe accoustic jams. It'll sound good though, trust anything orange. Well worth that money.
Quote by UltimateDud
trust anything orange.

I bought the Micro Crush and it blew out in a week. My friend used his Ptz on Lockerz for a Micro Crush amp, and he also blew his out, but I think his lasted him about a month.

I'm 99% sure the bigger amps are better, but I wouldn't trust everything Orange makes. =P
I love my Orange Crush 35b, and the 20b is just a smaller version. If it's in good condition, 75 USD is a steal (based on GBP to USD conversion, I don't know how much they usually are in the states).

Thanks for the info guys. I'm in grad school now so i really don't have much time to play gigs, it's mostly some bedroom playing.

As far as price i saw them selling the new amp for 150 so i figure 75 isn't too shabby for a name brand amp.