I've just really gotten the itch the last few months to start playing bass (been playing guitar for a while) and now i'm in the process of getting my gear together.

I'm looking to get a bass for around $100-$200

In terms of playability and quality what are some of my options in my price range? I have no problem buying used.

I've looked at the OLP basses and certainly like the looks of em. Any other recommendations?
a J or B bass is always good. what kind or stuff do you play?
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It's going to be a lot of rock stuff. Some of my favorite bands are Porcupine Tree, Days of the New, Alice in Chains, etc.
i got a one of those squier bass packs, maybe the jazz bass pack should do it, i don't know muchs about basses but it seemed OK to me, maybe yo would want te get other amp after a while....
Ibanez gives you the most quality for you money. i highly recommend pretty much any of the under $200 basses they make.
Sandyman thanks for the advice, i did see a really nice ibanez for quite cheap at a music store at my school. Might have to check it out when i go back
a squier isnt a bad place to start. I grabbed a Dean XM for about $80 about a year ago and it sounds alright.
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In general its a good idea to stay away from starter packs. A Squier P or J would be fine, as long as you stay away from the affinity series, or an Ibanez GSR200. How much do you have to spend on an amp?
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youl learn to hate the starter bass soon enough
(espically after taking a trip to guitar center, and yes, they have basses)
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Quote by rushpython
youl learn to hate the starter bass soon enough
(espically after taking a trip to guitar center, and yes, they have basses)

It's not only that, buying one seems like a good idea because it's cheap but in the long run it will cost you more because they don't last very long. So going with a bass that will last a longer time in the beginning is the way to go.
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Brands to check out:
- Squier Vintage Modified
- Ibanez
- SX Guitars, if you're handy with a soldering iron and aren't afraid of doing a few cheap (and simple) mods.
- Peavey
- MusicMan SUBS or OLCs if you can find them... They're getting quite rare.

Brands to avoid:
- Squier Affinity
- Dean
- Epiphone, unless you've played one and know for sure that it's the one you want.

I'd say your best bets are Squire, Ibanez, and some of the LTD models. Also look used, I know some people don't like buying used but it really can get you a great deal. If you can find something used in your price rand from Fender, Ibanez, Traben, some LTD, Schecter, or Peavey then I would recommend any of those.
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For $200...

Squier Standard series
Ibanez GSRs
Low end Yamaha
Traben maybe
OLP are very good

Stay away from every other brand unless you're willing to put more money in to upgrade them, like SX basses are good if you replace the pickups and hardware.
Ibanez GSR200 - I just got one and im a noob to bass as well but its sounding great for its price.
i'd go with a yamaha of some sort. i'm using a rx270? i can't remember and it is really light and pretty versatile and it is of a reasonable price. i've had it a while now - i'm not exactly careful.. and it has never let me down
I can recommend you a good starting thread:

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, i was kind of aware that i'm not going down a starter pack route.

As far as amp goes there is a 20 watt orange crush amp at a local music store for 75 bucks that i'm pretty sure i'll be buying.

And as some people have suggested i have no problem buying used.

Also are active electronics that much different? The only experience i have with them is the EMG pickups in one of my guitars.
I would suggest an Ibanez or ESP. Their great basses and will last quite a while.
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