OK so here's the deal, i'm getting a new room in about a month and a half and my current speakers are starting to do (currently running two creative 2.1 computer speaker systems into my sound card)
Pretty much i am looking for an upgrade so here's what i want

No more than $500, but preferably under $400

Ability to be controlled from my computer as i plan on using windows media player to play my music

music is most important, may use occasionally for tv and games but mostly music

Loud!!! i'm a metalhead :P i want it to be clear enough but since i'm listening to mostly metal and hard rock it doesn't need to be the clearest thing ever. And also a good amount of bass.

Can be in any form floor standing, wireless, wired etc but wireless and floor standing is prefered.

So far i have been all over the place looking at stuff, mostly polk audio floor standing speakers, have no clue where to start with receivers though

also, i was also thinking about just getting a home theatre system compatible with my pc which would be easier, but would it also be better performance wise?

Thanks for the help!
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I would strongly recommend looking second hand. There may be new technologies and whatnot available in newer systems, but you can get a much higher spec system for the same price if it's 10 years old, and it will sound a lot better. If all you want is a good amplifier and a set of speakers, this is definitely your best option. I got myself a hifi amplifier (Kenwood-Trio KA-3700) and a good set of Sony speakers for £5 (five fuckin' quid!). The same quality system new would cost hundreds and sound no better. Imagine what you can get used for $400..

edit: and it looks awesome too, seeing as it's epic late 70s brushed steel facing and things on it,.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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look on craigslist it will be sooo much cheaper. and check out celestians. thats what i have they're amazing.
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