So I've recently been turned on to the Brooklyn duo they call Ratatat. These guys have actually been around for a little while, but I just now bought their second album that came out in 2006(?) called Classics. Really, truly, amazing. Wildcat is by far my favorite song.

So are there any other fans of drum machines, synths, and reversed delayed, fuzzed up guitars all put together?

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I love Ratatat. I would say "Shempi" is my favorite. Their remix of "Glock Nines" is awesome, too.
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haven't heard much, but i've liked what i have
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Yes please.

I got Classics and the self titled for christmas, insanely good stuff. Hoping to pick up LP3 sometime.
Ratatat is beast. I like loud pipes for some reason but they are so chill. I dont like rap at all but their album Ratatat Remixes is good to listen to