okay, i am stumped.

i just bought this unfinished neck from ALLPARTS - http://www.allparts.com/Replacement-Neck-for-Stratocaster-p/smo-21.htm

and i know that i am going to finish the neck with TUNG OIL. but, i have no idea how to finish the maple fretboard. i know for a fact that Dunlop's Ultimate Lemon Oil is not to be used on a maple fretboard.

so how do i finish it? or can i leave it unfinished with just the neck finished in Tung Oil.
The tung oil, when applied in many thin coats, gives the neck that wet, laquered looking finish. So that IS finishing it.
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i think u sand the neck a bit (Not a lot just smooth enough) then u add a finish like lacquer or stainer of course preferably stain with a maple color!

(also sand with 600 grit if tht means anything to you)

EDIT: yes tung oil will finish it too and AllParts should send u the neck smooth already so usually no need for sanding
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You need a finish of some kind or it will get nasty fast. Tung oil works maybe not pure tung oil as it can take quite a while to dry. I use formbys tung oil.
I use EMTech 6000 from Target Coatings. I use it on both my guitar bodies and necks including the maple fret boards. EMTech 6000 is a water based lacquer that behaves just like a nitrocellulose lacquer without the hazards of nitro. I swear by the stuff. Really need to have a HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray system to apply it correctly.