ive seen a 'squir bullet strat' and ive wanted a guitar with single coil pickups for a while since i have a les paul which have renowned big, beefy tone

just wondered if this kind of cheap strat would sound nice for stuff like rhcp, sublime, hendrix etc

thanks a bunch dudes
The Affinity series or the Classic Vibe series would do great as a play around guitar for cheap.
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Upgrade just a tad for preferably vintage modified or classic vibe but affinity would still be a improvement.
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You would be much better off finding a use Squier Std for around the same price as a new Bullet. EVERY part will be better than on the bullet: full thickness body with quality routing, better neck profile and fret/nut work, better hardware throughout, and better electronics.

I work on guitars and the newer Bullets require a TON of work to just be playable. The Pups sound fine actually, but the fretwork and neck pocket are atrocious. I bought a couple for $20 each when a M123 coupon was taking $100 off anything. The Rondo SX strats are twice the guitar for the same price.....but again, a used Squier Std is the best way to get a 'strat' for around $100. Used MIM's can be had for $200 if you look for a couple of weeks.

Here's a write up a did on one of the bullets: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2509642
the standard if great
i personally dont lke the affinity...the pick guard and butons are too bringht and clean
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